Custom equipment for critical use applications

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Naval Nuclear Propulsion

Excelco/Newbrook, Inc. has made it a point to keep up with the quickly growing nuclear propulsion market. This technology has allowed the United States to keep its naval fleets on top. There is no faster fleet than the US Navy. We know such projects can be complicated and have stringent requirements, but these are the projects that ENI familiarizes with.

With our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we come quite prepared. The quality standards for nuclear hardware are rigorous, as they should be. ENI understands that your project will have demanding specifications, such as ASME.B & PVC or similar military standards. Our experienced personnel have had to meet these rigorous specification standards for government and commercial projects many times over. Whether it be nuclear reactor servicing equipment or liquid metal fast breeder nuclear reactor components, ENI is always ready to take on the tasks that you have planned.