You’re motivated. You’re talented. You’re ready to use your skills and experience to be a part of something big … Really big.

You’ve got options — and we know it.

Consider this: ENI only deals in big. We take on big projects based on big ideas that have big impact. Much of what we do, in fact, is so important that it’s a closely guarded secret (We’ll tell you once you’re hired).

Whether you’re a machinist, a welder, an engineer or a manager, you’ll do work that has a real impact in the real world. Far more than just a paycheck, you’ll be part of a team whose members are driven by the integrity of their reputations and their commitment to producing quality work.

You’ll work on projects that other manufacturers regularly turn down because they consider the task impossible.

Educational Opportunities

We don’t want you. We want the best version of you.

The strongest employees are those who continually strive to improve, gain new skills and acquire new knowledge. That’s why we offer tuition reimbursement, paid manufacturing programs, and other resources to ensure that you’re always getting better, always advancing, always learning more.

Our operation is small and our staff is intimate, but our standing in the industry is, well, BIG.

Regular manufacturing jobs are a dime a dozen, but at ENI, we don’t do regular. You’ll work alongside the industry’s most creative and accomplished professionals — people who make the impossible happen every day. You’ll work with cutting‐edge equipment on projects that are critical to the safety, security and prosperity of the United States.

If that’s not enough, eventually, someone at a barbecue will ask what you’re working on, and you’ll get to say, “It’s really exciting, but I’m afraid I can’t discuss it.”

Join us. Be a part of something big.