Excelco/Newbrook, Inc. (ENI) emerged in the hopeful and heady days following the end of World War II, when America’s industrial and engineering mastery propelled the country to victory overseas.

Since 1947, ENI has taken on critical and consequential military and industrial projects that conventional job shops can’t handle or simply can’t comprehend. Our talents go far beyond machining, welding and fabrication.

From the Hubble Telescope to the Pioneer Venus Probe to naval nuclear propulsion, we accept only the projects whose standards of quality and excellence challenge the limitations of what is possible. We never shy away from the most complex, difficult and demanding projects. In fact, we actively seek them out.

After all, what fun is a job that’s easy?

Assembling the Best Teams Possible to Achieve the Impossible

Without unrivaled expertise and experience, we could simply never survive the expectations and demands of our high‐technology customers.

Our methodology brings together expert engineers, managers, manufacturers, planners, machinists and welders. We assemble teams based specifically on the unique needs and expertise required for each individual project.

The customer’s needs come first. Every job gets done. Every part meets exhaustive quality standards. No excuses.

Expertise and Quality Assurance

We pursue perfection because our standards demand it — not to receive recognition. We’d be lying, however, if we said we didn’t like to brag just a little about the awards we’ve received from industry giants like Alliant Tech Systems, Perkin Elmer, Rockwell International, Hughes Aircraft and Northrop Grumman.

From aluminum to zirconium, we are experts in the materials we use — even the most exotic, diffcult and unusual metals don’t intimidate us one bit. Our expertise is backed by our uncomprimising quality assurance protocols, which permeate every aspect of our operations, from engineering to machining to welding to assembly.

Our employees, our experience and our thoughtful approach combine to improve the function of your products, reduce their overall cost, and reduce manufacturing cycle time.

Look around our website and read our materials. Have you got an idea that you think is impossible? Drop us a line.